First Aid Pod

First Aid Pod


Guidance - DRSABCD

The First Aid Pod has the basic life support guidelines printed on the reverse of the carry bag and inside the erected pod to assist in patient care.


Once erected the First Aid Pod can easily be placed fully or partially over the patient to maximise privacy. It can also be used as a barrier to minimise people entering the area.

The First Aid Pod is U.V and water resistant to give protection from the elements in an outdoor environment. When used outdoors it is recommended using the ground pegs (included) and/or fixation of the stability pouches


  • Opens from the bag in seconds
  • Reusable
  • Floorless so it can be placed over or around the product
  • Can be used to block areas to assist in ensuring the patient's privacy from onlookers
  • UV Resistant and waterproof
  • DRSABCD is printed inside the pod and on the bag to assist first aid response
  • Comes with a CPR mouthpiece and a survival blanket
  • Ground pegs are provided to assist in securing on outdoor services